Salsa Brava Radio

Salsa Brava Radio is a project that started back in 2011 with DJ.E's Idea of Bringing Back the Real Hardcore Salsa to the ears of the People via Online Radio.  Since 2011 Salsa Brava Radio has been broadcasting High Quality Old School Salsa music to all the corners of the world. Salsa Brava Radio is also the place where you can listen to the best new and Independent Salsa Orquestas from around the world.  We have a Podcast sindicated in every mayor podcast platform on the internet including i Tunes, Podomatic, Mixcloud, Tunein, Player FM, Podbay and many other well known Podcast platforms.  Salsa Brava Radio have listeners in all of the countries world wide and beyond. Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy have sent us e-mails from time to time to let us know that our signal from planet earth gets some how, some way broadcasted all the way back there for the pleasure of all those extraterrestrial salseros and salseras in all those far away reaches of their Galaxy! Tune in and share it with your friends in facebook!

In 2013 Salsa Brava Radio reached over

1 Million Podcast Downloads via iTunes and The most popular episode has been downloaded over 260,000 times.  Salsa Brava Radio has Listeners in almost all the countries World Wide. The average Montly listening  hours ranges from 20

to 30,000 Hours a month! Salsa Brava Radio idea to Deliver real Music that Should Always have people listening to it is being acomplished and delivered one listener at the time! Tune In!

Salsa Brava Radio!

DJ.E (Left) With DJ Papo. San Francisco CA 1999

DJ.E Playing Live in  Mexico 2011